Imoukhuede lab research team debuts framework for generalizing receptor modeling

Lead author Dr. Spencer Mamer, alum-undergraduate researcher Alexandra Palsz, and PI: Dr. Imoukhuede present a theoretical framework of ligand-receptor binding, generalized for any RTK family in their manuscript Mapping Tyrosine Kinase Receptor Dimerization to Receptor Expression and Ligand Affinities published as part of the Special Issue Modeling & Control of Disease States in Processes. 

RTKs such as the VEGFRs, FGFRs, PDGFRs and EGFRs regulate physiological processes critical to human health. We here present a generalized framework for studying any arbitrary RTK network. The generalized models we developed can represent and simulate ligation and dimerization for any RTK networks, knowing their kinetics and concentrations.