Seeking Computational Postdoctoral Fellow

What would I do? Develop your independent research career by deriving, simulating, and analyzing computational models of oxytocin-oxytocin receptor signaling (GPCR). Our lab is highly collaborative and highly prolific, so you work with a dynamic research team, present at relevant conferences, and author manuscripts covering your findings, your perspectives, and those from your lab collaborations.   […]

Yingye Fang, Tomasz Kaszuba, & Dr. Imoukhuede publish a perspective on obesity

Congratulations to Imoukhuede Lab doctoral students: Yingye “Cheri” Fang and Tomasz Kaszuba on their first publication: “Systems Biology Will Direct Vascular-Targeted Therapy for Obesity” in Frontiers in Physiology. This article reviews emerging theories and works at the intersection of VEGF-mediated angiogenesis and adipogenesis. It further outlines how the rich-field of VEGF computational modeling can advance […]

Drs Chen & Imoukhuede join with WashU medical team to review sex differences in cancer

Sex differences in cancer is an area of urgent need, an excerpt from the review, Sex Differences in Cancer Mechanisms, co-authored by Drs Chen and Imoukhuede offers clear insight: Males not only develop cancer more often but are also more likely to die from their disease. To date, sex differences have also been demonstrated in […]

Imoukhuede honored as emerging scholar in AIChE “Futures” Issue

Cell isolation via spiral microfluidics and the secondary anchor targeted cell release system was published in the second installment of the AIChE Journal’s “Futures” Issue, where early career researchers are invited to showcase their “pioneering work“.  In collaboration with P. Vanka (UIUC MechSE), our team developed a microfluidics approach, which exerts low force while isolating […]

Drs Chen and Imoukhuede offer first angiogenic receptor quantification in co-culture

Development and characterization of accurate angiogenesis models, in vitro, is paramount to further advancing our understanding of angiogenesis regulation. In  Single-Cell Receptor Quantification of an In Vitro Coculture Angiogenesis Model Reveals VEGFR, NRP1, Tie2, and PDGFR Regulation and Endothelial Heterogeneity, published in the Special Issue Systems Biomedicine of Processes, Drs Chen and Imoukhuede quantify six angiogenic […]

Imoukhuede lab research team debuts framework for generalizing receptor modeling

Lead author Dr. Spencer Mamer, alum-undergraduate researcher Alexandra Palsz, and PI: Dr. Imoukhuede present a theoretical framework of ligand-receptor binding, generalized for any RTK family in their manuscript Mapping Tyrosine Kinase Receptor Dimerization to Receptor Expression and Ligand Affinities published as part of the Special Issue Modeling & Control of Disease States in Processes.  RTKs such […]

Drs Chen and Imoukhuede report dual-receptor quantification

First author Dr. Si Chen  and Dr. Imoukhuede report successful quantification of VEGFRs using quantum dots in “Multiplexing Angiogenic Receptor Quantification via Quantum Dots,” published in the American Chemical Society journal, Analytical Chemistry.  Clinical and biomedical research seeks single-cell quantification to better understand their roles in a complex, multicell environment. Recently, quantification of vascular endothelial […]